Franklin's Promise Coalition

Welcome to Volunteer Franklin County, where good things happen!

We are working together to promote volunteering as a powerful
force for positive change, both for those who volunteer and for the wider community.

Our online network will match community members who wish to share their skills with organizations and groups who work to improve the quality of life for folks here in Franklin County.

Click HERE To enter our volunteer portal.

Volunteer Franklin County is one of 16 organizations selected to participate in Volunteer Florida's BEST Neighborhoods initiative. If you are interested in "Neighboring" or Assest Based Community Developement please check out these videos.


Our goals at Volunteer Franklin County are:

  1. Develop an internet based volunteer network ( that matches volunteers to opportunities within the county.
  2. Develop and implement a marketing campaign which creates an awareness about the benefits of volunteerism, promotes and markets  volunteer opportunities.
  3. Complete  the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) as a hub for training and recruitment of volunteers (critical in disasters) and a resource for agencies to enhance their programs.
  4. Establish and implement a county wide volunteer awards ceremony where all volunteers are recognized and organizations present their “Volunteers of the Year” (September 2011).
  5. Develop a model volunteer program to assist rural counties with their volunteer needs. Create an online “tool kit” of resources that assist other rural communities in developing volunteer programs.
  6. Support no less than 9 volunteer projects across the county before September 1, 2011. Those projects are:

Volunteer Franklin County’s BEST Neighborhood Projects

Projects to be completed in the 2011 Volunteer Florida Best Neighborhood Program

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