State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program Emergency Assistance


The emergency assistance program assists homeowners by providing funds to make necessary emergency repairs to their homes.


Emergency assistance shall not exceed $10,000.00.


Assistance provided at less than $3,000.00 will be in the form of a grant. Assistance over $3,000.00 but less than $10,000.00 will be in the form of a loan secured by a five-year deferred payment loan agreement (DPL).  The DPL will be provided at zero (0%) percent interest.  Payment of the principal amount will only be required if the property is sold or not owner occupied for any period longer than three months within the five year period.  At the end of the fifth year, the entire balance will be forgiven and the DPL Agreement satisfied.  The principal of the loan will be reduced by 20% for each year the residency requirement is met.  Surety of the loan will be guaranteed by the holding of a mortgage and promissory note on the property for the five year period.


The home to receive assistance must be located in FranklinCounty.  Applicant must have an extreme and immediate need for repairs. Applicant must not be delinquent on any debt owed to FranklinCounty. Applicant must not have received assistance from SHIP within the five years prior to applying for assistance. The SHIP Program does not provide assistance to applicants living in mobile homes.


Available funds will be advertised in the local newspaper when the program is taking new applications; applicants will be served on a first come first served basis if they meet the selection criteria.


For more information contact Lori Switzer at 850-653-8199 or